Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your crucial business data needs to be secured in case of calamity or disaster. Imagine a scenario when you arrive at the office one day, only to find your servers destroyed by a flood, and all of your data lost and unrecoverable. You simply can’t afford to let this happen. You need Babel Consulting’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Babel Consulting’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions give your company best-in-class backup technology to protect your business data from disasters.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provide:

  • Data redundancy - we make a backup of your backups for maximum protection
  • Fast recovery - get back to business quickly in the event of a disaster
  • Offsite storage - store your backups to redundant remote data centers
  • Extensive reporting - ensure data integrity with a detailed backup report
  • Inclusive updates - benefit from the latest hardware and software

We equip your company with affordable and reliable backup solutions at an all-inclusive fee, so you can say goodbye to unexpected costs and expensive downtime for good.

Protect your business against disruptions and disasters.